Friday, June 11, 2010


Doraemon - wonder if nowadays kids knows about this comic. I love it since when I was small, and I still remember owning one stuffed doll too. 

This blue robot cat that came from the future lives in this young boy - Nobita's house so as to help Nobita to grow up as an successful man. In that miracle pocket he had in front of his tummy, he is able to pull out all kinds of tools from the future. The most famous one is 'Takecopter' (bamboo helicopter). And the one that I love most is 'Dokodemodoa' (door to everywhere). So that I can come and go between hong kong, america & japan easily!! Oh〜 only if all these comes true...

And you know what!! Along with the modern techniques we have now, some of Doraemon's tools had been invented! And there is this exhibition 'DORAEMON's Scientific Future' in Miraikan at Odaiba, showing the tools of Doraemon's!! It is held from 12th June - 27th Sept, 2010. If anyone had the chance to come to tokyo within this time, do go and take a look at an exhibition filled with dreams and excitement.


IzzyInBliss said...

Ah yes, our beloved Ding Dong! I recall crying as a child in the last episode when Ding Dong goes back to the future, away from "Dai Hong." I wish we could see the exhibit!

Ba Ong said...

My favorite cartoon character! :)