Monday, May 23, 2011

All you need is love♪

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet songs, strong women, beautiful venue

Some great music discoveries Saturday night at Viracocha.

The venue is magical and enchantingly intimate.

Erma was sweet and charming. You gotta take a listen to her songs on MySpace. Weapon is one of my favorites from the evening's set.

Karina Denike and her band was feisty and rousing. Take a listen to her MySpace pieces. Her backup singer, Lily Taylor, is amazing.

And the Blue Rabbit was just sensational. Them, you really gotta check out their Facebook videos!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Help save lives

It's been more than a month since 311's earthquake stroke Japan's north east area. Life in tokyo wasn't affected much from the quake, but more on the electric problem and mental side. However, life is getting back on truck (more or less, or at least for life-line) but not for those who are at the disaster sites and areas near Fukushima nuclear plant. Fukushima nuclear plant issue really brought a big task to Japan. So many things are effected by it, and actually a lots of small lifes had became victims of it... after the tsunami and first explosion of fukushima nuclear plant, citizens within 20km were instructed to evacuate right away. However, lots of dogs and cats have been left behind. I don't know about what truely happend and why, but seems like some owners thought that they are able to return soon and sadly, this did not happen and lots of the pets lost their lives because of the lack of water and food... and it really breaks my heart to know that some of them are still chained or even locked inside...

Hopefully there are some small individual groups that started to take action once after the quake. And I came up to this group, 'Minashigo Kyuentai' that I would love to share and hope that it will make an impact by writing about them. They are a NPO group, rescuing pets that have been abandon or tortured. Once after 311, the director of the company, Ms. Nakatani and her staffs went straight to the disaster sites starting to rescue pets that lost their owners or have been washed away by the tsunami left starving under the cold. They started to went into the 20km evacuate ordered area from 30th March and rescuing the pets that have been left behind. Up to now (data from 15th April.2011) they have rescued over 200 dogs & cats from the area. However, there are still a great number of them and the clock is ticking...
'Minashigo' obeys the law and pay respects to the owners of the pets. They will not leave rescued pets wondering around in other cities and they will take full records on where did they rescue the pets so that they are able to detect the owners later. For pets inside the property, they will take contact with the owners before taking them away. They will not force any pets onto the bus, but instead feeding them day by day to gain trust before taking them away from the area. They leave behind as much food and water as possible before the next time they visit. They also accepted request from owners to search for their pets at the restricted areas. I'm really touched by their activties and braveness to face the blindness radiations that might effect their own health and also the facing the fear from the restless after quakes. And at the same time, I'm also saved by their actions from the guilt of not being able to help these poor creatures. But still, this is a small volunteer group and all their expense are run by funds. They still have not enough good supplies such as food, cage and frontline (medicine for the flea & tick) etc. And the temporay tent they build outside the 20km area is only capable of keeping a max number of around 40 dogs & cats. They still need funds to get gasoline and equipments and foods. And need help from groups or host family that are able to shelter some of the dogs & cats rescued. I, myself can only offer a little, but with the help of others, all these 'littles' will become a big one and I'm sure it will make an impact to save more lives from this tragedy.

'Minashigo' have been interviewed by japan's tv channels like NHK , and 'Sukiri' of Nitere where I found it a very trustful NPO group. Sorry that they only have japanese websites, but for those who are concerned, here is their link: However, due to they are busy at the sites now, instead of their website, they daily up-dated on their blog: (sorry that they are in Japanese too.) But for those who are hoping to help this group to save more lives, please don't hestitate to let me know. I will translate their bank information and address for you. But please be aware that a bank charge of 2500yen will be needed for every oversea remittance within Japan's side. (even if you have paid the bank charge on yourside, japan's side's bank still charges this bank charge) I know that this is very inconvinent, but please don't let this stop your effort in helping these poor little creatures. Your kindness will make a big impact, and I believe that we still have hope in saving more lives even if it is over a month already. Or please help by kindly forwarding this post which will give a big chance to gain more help too. Thank you for reading this long and influent post and thank you for caring.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Flâneurs in America

I think of French writers and Impressionist painters when I hear the word "flâneur." The word seems to be making a comeback—at least in my circles! Twice in the last week I ran into that word. In both cases, an individual proudly identifies himself as a flâneur.

Makes sense that the art of being a flâneur—strolling, observing and commenting on modern life—is appealing. We tweet our musings. We broadcast the status of where we are and what we think, like or dislike. We proudly share arty pix snapped & photoshopped on our iPhones.

Documentarians Vs. Editors

Lately, I've also seen tweets & posts lamenting too many documentarians, and not enough editors and curators. In other words, creative folks telling folks who have no taste, to stop putting out their crap, and to leave creating to the true creatives and tastemakers.

Those musings bother me. True, we have tons of random, not very well-written, "stupid ugly" stuff strewn all over the Internet. But I applaud any movement where folks are inspired to create more than consume. To explore and express their personal views, more than just read and echo others' views.

To make and create what we need, however awkward or ungainly, adds so much more meaning to our lives than just consuming what the "pros" and "experts" churn out for us to consume and believe. We have lived too long in a consumerist culture—materially, creatively and intellectually. I welcome the blossoming of a million creative impulses! Don't let critics and judgment stop us!

Yes, our collective first scribblings can be ugly and juvenile. Like a child's first drawings. But that's how we grow. At some point, we ask ourselves how we can be more thoughtful, express ourselves more eloquently, do something surprising.

Like reaching out to a 19th century French concept to find guidance.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wardrobe for a Mad Woman

Madam Wong, one of the characters in my next film idea, is a fallen fashion icon gone mad in mourning. She roams the neighborhood in outrageous, crazy outfits, often with children laughing and jeering her on.

At the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit, many of his latter, sculptural creations got me excited. I began to see Madam Wong's shameless outfits take shape. It's her form of extreme mourning.

Here are some photos scoured from the Internet for this "scrapbook" page for reference in designing Madam Wong's wardrobe. They include some modern designs "inspired" by Balenciaga.

This wedding dress design, based on a nun's outfit, reminds me of Chinese mourning clothes for women, where they wear a white hooded outfit made of hemp sack. I can see Madam Wong in something like this for the funeral service for her son.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

School Bag for the new school year

Found a web site trying to gather some quilted school bags for the children at the disaster site of 311. 'This is something I can participate!!' In return for the power & comfort they gave me from their smiles, I hope this will bring them some laughter and happiness too. Hand in hand, and let us overcome together♪

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hand in hand, and we will overcome

Over a week had passed since the M9.0 quake in Miyagi and Ibaragi and the nuclear plant issue in Fukushima. People's mind are more settle and trying to move on. (Still need more time for those who lost their love ones... ) A lot of thinking have been going through my mind, clear and unclear, answered and not answered... can't imagine for those in the disaster areas, they must be more confused, frighten, afraid, lonely and sad...

I felt:
Fear... afraid of another big quake coming?? afraid of dying?? afraid of suffering?? afraid that my babies will be injured and I'm not around... afraid that my love ones will be hurt and sad??

Sadness... sad for those that lost their love ones, sad for those that have to choose his father or mother at that moment, sad for those who are blaming themselves, sad for those who is lost in the path to tomorrow, sad for those animals that lost their master and are wondering around...

Guilt... that my family and babies are well and fine, that we are eating more than enough and enjoying every kind of food, that we have hot water for shower and heat to keep us warm, that I can do nothing much to help...

Shame... that we loose nothing and still worry so much, that my mind and soul is comfort by a victim's words...

Her words:



As a victim's wish, please do not let the economy go down.
We will start to recover when the quakes and nuclear plant issue is settled. If Japan's economy goes down, we will need more time to recover, will have no companies to work at.
People from the west, don't let 2nd disaster and 3rd disaster happen. Laugh, eat, drink and have fun as usual.
Your laughter gives us strength to fight.
There is no need to face down with us. (we aren't facing down (laugh))

And, and, thank you all so much for saving power.
With the power, we are able to avoid hunger, we are able to get heat. And we are able to make hot-water bags to keep us warm and away from the flu.
Thank you very much.

Please just don't push yourself too hard.
When you feel cold, use the power. Don't go wearing lots of clothes and eat in the dark.
Use when you need to use it.
You will face down when you don't have ease.
Just relax and enjoy together!

I know there is nothing much I can do to help... at least to let the people who read this post to know some reliable charities and accurate information on the nuclear plant. And let us pray for those who's heart is broken and still trapped in the day. May light shine into their hearts and let hope be born again.

Japanese Red Cross Society:

24 Hours Television (only available in japanese):

Doraemon Charity Fund:

Japan Animal Welfare Society (JAWS) (only available in japanese):

Information for nuclear plant from IAEA: